Frascati, Amsterdam (2019)
Dutch premiere of Elfriede Jelinek’s RAGE

Elfriede Jelinek started to write Rage in the weeks following the fatal assaults on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, two police officers and four customers of a supermarket selling kosher food, and the concert hall Bataclan in Paris in 2015. Her topical play attempts to capture and understand the rage that may have generated these attacks and speaks volumes on the collateral consequences of ever accumulated violence.  “I could write the Rage ad infinitum” – admits Jelinek.

For the Dutch premiere of WOEDE Rebekka Nilsson and her team form the editing committee of the “rage-problem” we all share. An ensemble accompanied by two musicians embodies a stream of voices proposed by Jelinek in order to picture the small and great catastrophes of life, the global and the private horrors. Bearing in mind the medias (hyper) fictionalisation of the attacks, we dive deep into the world of individual and collective rage that can offer us an insight into a mechanism that will play its part in shaping the world to come.
directing Rebekka Nilsson
text Elfriede Jelinek
dutch translation Tom Kleijn
dramaturgy Szymon Adamczak
director’s and dramaturgy assistent Sofie Boiten
production Gemma van Kruijsbergen
scenography Stefan Jakiela
mostume design Dik Boutkan
music/composition Matthías Ingiberg Sigurdsson
and David Ko
technical sound design Rinse de Jong
light design Jasper Nijholt
performers Nora Ramakers, Marieke Giebels, Marit Hooijschuur, Erik van de Wijdeven, Santino Slootweg, Mitchell van den Dungen Bille