Academy for theater and dance, Amsterdam (2019)
Love at First Sight, Toneelhuis Antwerpen (2020)
Radical adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler, as a narrative for a neoliberal society
driven by commercial succes and the pressure to perform

What pushes a human being so far that she can only feel resentment towards the world surrounding her? So far that she has no respect left for the lives of others?

This new version of Henrik Ibsen classic play is social horror. The modern, hedonistic, high performance society has brought forth a population of little monsters who - pathetically and obtrusively - demand attention, want to be ‘liked’, pursue personal successes and pathologically long for happiness.
Now everything is ego, lust and porn.

Hedda Gabler and her antagonists must survive in an overstimulated and suffocating hell populated by childlike monsters - or monstrous children.
Here no one hesitates to fight for their personal gain, using teeth and claws. The end always justifies the means. More and more we behave ourselves like beasts.

In this hell everything just keeps turning. What happens when man can no longer be turned ‘off’? When we can no longer stop to ask what we are heading towards and why?
concept and directing Rebekka Nilsson
text and adaptation Roel Pronk, Rebekka Nilsson
performance Coen Bril, Babette Engels,
Yannick Greweldinger, Titus Muizelaar,
Momo Samwel, Simme Wouters
dramaturgy Sofie Boiten
costume design Rebekka Wörmann
assistence costume design Ana Resende
music and composition Matthías Sigurdsson
sound design Alexandros Papamarkou
light design Vincent Romijn
production Gemma van Kruijsbergen
artistic advice Florian Hellwig

thanks to: De Markies Nijmegen BV, Stefijn Lehr, Theo Hendriks